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Digger Administration guide

AeroGear Digger Administration

The following text describes optional post-installation steps:

  • Installing Jenkins Plugins

  • Accessing Nagios server for Digger installation health monitoring

Installing Jenkins plugins

Digger installs required Jenkins plugins by default. If you need to install more Jenkins plugins, they can be installed using Jenkins UI (recommended) or by modifying variables in certain Ansible file. See instructions below.

Jenkins Plugins homepage:

Go to Manage Jenkins → Manage Plugins. If the plugin is not available in the Available tab then it can be installed by uploading an .hpi file in Advanced → Upload Plugin.

By Modifying configure-buildfarm Defaults file

Add a new record into jenkins_plugins variable in configure-buildfarm default variables.

The structure of jenkins_plugins record:
  name: sample-plugin
  version: 1.20

Digger Health Monitoring by Nagios

Nagios is provisioned by default by the Digger Ansible playbook. Once Nagios is successfully installed, a number of checks are triggered by the playbook:

  • Check that the Android PVC (PersistentVolumeClaim) is Bound

  • Check that the macOS server is running is accessible by Jenkins

  • Check that the Jenkins instance is running

The URL and credentials for accessing the Nagios instance will be provided when the Ansible job has completed its provisioning.