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AeroGear 1.0.0.M8 is out!


We’re happy to announce the immediate availability of AeroGear 1.0.0.M8 (new year’s release), packed with good stuff!

gears http://www.flickr.com/photos/17258892@N05/2588347668/in/photostream/


Definitely, this release’s limelight is on the pagination support across all client library platforms Android, iOS, JavaScript and at aerogear-controller, our Java server-side lightweight mvc controller.

You can read more about the API side-by-side usage comparison, or look at the specification we’ve put together.

A huge thank you to the AeroGear team and the open source community!

Release notes:


  • [AEROGEAR-726] - Calling removeUser(user) on a IdentityManager instance removes all the users

  • [AEROGEAR-729] - PicketBoxLoadUsers should use unitName to reference its persistence unit.
  • [AEROGEAR-730] - PicketBoxLoadUsers deployment error

  • [AEROGEAR-732] - GET requests to static files (CSS for instance) are handled by the Route.

  • [AEROGEAR-776] - Link to documentation is obsolete in the rendered application page for kitchensink-html5-mobile example

  • [AEROGEAR-793] - Exception message isn't set by default on HttpException

  • [AEROGEAR-800] - Modify comment in arquillian.xml file for kitchensink-html5-mobile quickstart

  • [AEROGEAR-820] - The kitchensink-html5-mobile quickstart pom.xml file does not define the property 'version.org.jboss.as'

  • [AEROGEAR-845] - Need to update quickstarts to use <version.org.jboss.bom>1.0.4.CR7</version.org.jboss.bom>

  • [AEROGEAR-874] - AeroGear Controller: Registering a user throws NPE


  • [AEROGEAR-482] - Add other servers to AeroGear splash image

  • [AEROGEAR-693] - Add HTML view resolver in AeroGear Controller component

  • [AEROGEAR-696] - Add RESTFul endpoint for /cars in controller-demo

  • [AEROGEAR-773] - Possible move of isArray to aerogear.core.js


Feature Request

  • [AEROGEAR-492] - Aerogear.js custom build UI

  • [AEROGEAR-535] - Add doc generation to grunt build

  • [AEROGEAR-611] - Download & Install JBoss Developer Studio. Download Here

  • [AEROGEAR-671] - Add support for Request Params

  • [AEROGEAR-699] - Add support for a consumes method to Routes

  • [AEROGEAR-714] - Sanitize all user-supplied data before using it as part of dynamically generated pages and data
  • [AEROGEAR-715] - Malicious attackers can easily bypass the login page using XSS

  • [AEROGEAR-717] - Enforce the "HTTPOnly" flag, if If the application doesn't need to access the cookie
  • [AEROGEAR-718] - Disable the autocomplete feature on forms which may hold sensitive data

  • [AEROGEAR-763] - ios: API Overhaul for CR1 release
  • [AEROGEAR-768] - JS: possible script injection on the todo app
  • [AEROGEAR-777] - ReadFilter uses org.json.JSONObject instead of com.google.gson.JsonObject

  • [AEROGEAR-782] - Upgrade AG-Sec PicketBox to the version 5.0.0-2013Jan04

  • [AEROGEAR-783] - AGPropertyListStorage implementation for AGStore

  • [AEROGEAR-784] - Update TODO and OTP demos to use the updated APIs

  • [AEROGEAR-788] - Update aerogear-ios-integration to use the updated APIs

  • [AEROGEAR-792] - JS Licensing

  • [AEROGEAR-855] - ios: read:id is broken

  • [AEROGEAR-868] - transformQueryString fails with exception

  • [AEROGEAR-869] - Totp.now() throws NullPointerException using Clock with custom interval

  • [AEROGEAR-871] - site: ios: Update links to M3 tarball, once it is there


  • [AEROGEAR-411] - Routes should allow page redirection on error or login forbidden
  • [AEROGEAR-515] - Default Error Handling should support JSON response

  • [AEROGEAR-630] - [Android] PipeConfig Ergonomics

  • [AEROGEAR-645] - Add Paging support on RESTful endpoints
  • [AEROGEAR-654] - Document CORS Support

  • [AEROGEAR-657] - Create a admin page for user registration

  • [AEROGEAR-659] - OTP authentication will fail after logout event
  • [AEROGEAR-665] - Images look a bit small after image scaling on aerogear.org

  • [AEROGEAR-679] - Create a simple JS to demonstrate CORS functionality

  • [AEROGEAR-705] - AeroGearLogger routeCatchAllException should be annotated with @Cause

  • [AEROGEAR-769] - Bump version to 1.0.0.CR1-date-SNAPSHOT

  • [AEROGEAR-774] - Update copyright year in all license files for all libs, demos, quickstarts, etc.

  • [AEROGEAR-780] - Add consumes example to AeroGear Controller demo

  • [AEROGEAR-781] - Add example of Error Route producing JSON

  • [AEROGEAR-794] - Pagination support

  • [AEROGEAR-808] - TODO app fix TokenServletFilterTest failures

  • [AEROGEAR-809] - TODO App: /auth/register should be changed to /auth/enroll

  • [AEROGEAR-810] - Style Sheet Cleanup

  • [AEROGEAR-816] - TODO App: Fix user registration

  • [AEROGEAR-817] - Add html view resolver example to controller-demo

  • [AEROGEAR-818] - JS Builder needs license in src files

  • [AEROGEAR-819] - Remove server2.js from builder

  • [AEROGEAR-832] - Controller WebLink implementation should keep parameters given on the request

  • [AEROGEAR-833] - Remove DataManager dependency from Pipeline

  • [AEROGEAR-834] - Update Specification regarding Pagination in AeroGear Controller

  • [AEROGEAR-856] - Investigate using CDI for implementing Pagination support

  • [AEROGEAR-857] - review all the repository settings for jbossbot

  • [AEROGEAR-860] - verify jbossbot settings for all the repositories

  • [AEROGEAR-867] - Overload .consumes to take MediaTypes in addition to Strings

  • [AEROGEAR-870] - Update quickstart jboss plugin to 7.3.Final

  • [AEROGEAR-872] - Move kitchensink-js to own repo

  • [AEROGEAR-877] - Create corscontroller branch for CORS specific openshift instance

  • [AEROGEAR-878] - Update Controller JavaDocs

  • [AEROGEAR-880] - Update Custom JS builder After Release

  • [AEROGEAR-881] - Custom Builder - Read Version from Repo

  • [AEROGEAR-883] - Release Updates


  • [AEROGEAR-746] - Add Learn More link to Home Page and create some sort of article so people can "Learn More" about each lib

  • [AEROGEAR-751] - iOS: overhaul config API

  • [AEROGEAR-758] - ios: pipe: overhaul the remove method

  • [AEROGEAR-764] - ios: AGPipe: Change the URL property

  • [AEROGEAR-765] - ios: rename AGRestAdapter to AGRESTAdapter

  • [AEROGEAR-766] - ios: AGPipeline: rename init: and pipeline:

  • [AEROGEAR-767] - ios: API: rename 'getter' for 'modules'

  • [AEROGEAR-770] - Work out custom grunt build options

  • [AEROGEAR-771] - Figure out inclusion into aerogear.org

  • [AEROGEAR-786] - Add pagination support on JS library

  • [AEROGEAR-787] - Add pagination support on Android library

  • [AEROGEAR-795] - Create Route with paging support in aerogear-controller-demo.

  • [AEROGEAR-797] - How to monitor JS Custom builder status

  • [AEROGEAR-807] - iOS: API: AGStore's remove takes an id, should take an object

  • [AEROGEAR-813] - Server Side Paging Support

  • [AEROGEAR-814] - Specification for query RESTFul resources using offset, limit & total

  • [AEROGEAR-821] - Create Server Side Paging Specification

  • [AEROGEAR-831] - Add Web Linking support

  • [AEROGEAR-835] - iOS: paging: Add paging support to AGPipeConf.

  • [AEROGEAR-836] - ios: paging: define ParameterProvider API

  • [AEROGEAR-837] - iOS: paging: create paging object

  • [AEROGEAR-838] - iOS: paging: create metadata resolver strategy for header
  • [AEROGEAR-839] - iOS: paging: create metadata resolver strategy for body
  • [AEROGEAR-840] - iOS: paging: create metadata resolver strategy for webLinking
  • [AEROGEAR-841] - Update TODO app
  • [AEROGEAR-842] - Update kitchensink-js

  • [AEROGEAR-844] - Update Custom JS builder

  • [AEROGEAR-846] - add a readWithParams on the AGPipe and remove the existing readWithFilter

  • [AEROGEAR-849] - iOS blog post on new M8 stuff

  • [AEROGEAR-850] - Android blog post on new M8 stuff

  • [AEROGEAR-851] - JS blog post on new M8 stuff

  • [AEROGEAR-852] - general release blog on aerogear.org

  • [AEROGEAR-859] - Add example of Web Linking Pagination to controller demo

  • [AEROGEAR-861] - iOS: paging: polish API

  • [AEROGEAR-864] - ios: remove filter config and read with filter…

  • [AEROGEAR-865] - iOS: paging: remove pagingLocation parameter

  • [AEROGEAR-866] - Update aerogear-ios-integration project to include paging integration tests

  • [AEROGEAR-879] - Controller blog post on new M8 stuff