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AeroGear Mobile Push 1.0.0 is out!


We’re happy to announce the availability of AeroGear Mobile Push 1.0.0!

UnifiedPush Server

The core of this release is the 1.0.0 version of our UnifiedPush Server, which supports different platforms for mobile push:

  • Android and Google Cloud Messaging
  • iOS and Apple Push Notification Service
  • FirefoxOS and Mozilla’s SimplePush

Below is a list with a few highlights of the server:

  • Keycloak SSO integration for user management
  • New AdminUI, based on Angular.js
  • Metrics and Dashboard for some Analytics around Push Messages
  • iOS8 interactive notification support
  • increased APNs payload (2k)
  • WildFly 8.x support

In our new User Guide you can find more details about the UnifiedPush Server!

Openshift Online

The 1.0.0 release of the UnifiedPush Server is available on Openshift.


The 1.0.0 release of the UnifiedPush Server is also backed by various Docker images for WildFly and AS7.

Client SDKs

On the client side we have tiny SDKs which help to register the device from within your app with the UnifiedPush Server. Below is a list of supported platforms

iOS 8 and Swift

Since the server is already supporting coming features of iOS8, we are also happy to announce a Swift branch of the aerogear-io-push library.

If you want to read more on iOS and Swift side, read Corinne Krych’s code & chat blog.

Backend integration

For backend integration we fully support two libraries:

However due to the RESTful architecture of the server you are not limited to these two languages. Our API docs discuss how to send a push notification, using curl.

Demos and Examples

To get easily started using the UnifiedPush Server we have a bunch of demos, supporting various client platforms:

  • Android
  • Apache Cordova (supporting jQuery and Angular/Ionic)
  • iOS

Hello World Example

The HelloWorld is a set of simple clients that show how to register a device with the UnifiedPush Server. On the Admin UI of the server you can use the “Send Push” menu to send a message to the different applications, running on your phone.

Check out the source code on Github.

Mobile Contacts Quickstart

The Mobile Contacts Quickstart is a Push-enabled CRUD example, containing several client applications (Android, Apache Corodva and iOS) and a JavaEE-based backend. The backend app is a secured (Picketlink) JAX-RS application which sends out push messages when a new contact has been created. Sometimes the backend (for a mobile application) has to run behind the firewall. For that the quickstart contains a Fabric8 based Proxy server as well.

Check out the source code on Github.


Last but not least we did an overhaul of our documentation, containing several tutorials and guides.