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FeedHenry meets AeroGear UnifiedPush Server!


After Red Hat’s acquisition of FeedHenry the AeroGear team is excited to promote the first integration between FeedHenry and the AeroGear Unified Push Server!

In a detailed blog post John Frizelle from the FeedHenry team shows how to use FeedHenry’s new AeroGear MBaaS Integration Services

##Node.js integration

As John describes in the above blog, the heart of this integration is based on our Node.js library for the UnifiedPush Server, which perfectly fits with FeedHenry’s open and extensible architecture based on Node.js for mobile app development.


If you want to learn more about AeroGear, FeedHenry, Openshift and iPaaS, please join the Devoxx keynote by Mike Piech and Markus Eisele.