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AeroGear tours Germany


Sébastien Blanc and Matthias Wessendorf will be touring German JUGs in May, to present AeroGear. At each venue, they will cover topics like native (Android and iOS) and hybrid (Apache Cordova) development, Push Notifications, Geolocations and of course, Java integration!

Format: Two talks of 60 mins each

How to build Enterprise mobile apps that integrate with your Java EE backend

Are you a Java developer and want to develop a mobile app that connects to a secured Java EE backend, but you don’t know where to start? This session is tailored for you. This hands on session,using a familiar development environment, goes step by step through building a complete mobile, hybrid, multiplatform application.

Starting from scratch, the tutorial takes you through building a simple Java EE application and, from there, scaffolding a mutliplatform mobile client by using Cordova. Finally we will show how to implement sending Push Notifications from the backend to be received on the mobile client.

This is an in-depth session in which the attendees will learn concretely, and without using hipster tools, how to enter the mobile world.

Successful Mobile Relationship management with Push Notifications

Business relationships take many forms like customers, partners or employees. For mobile application development, managing these relationships is crucial, since user interaction is an important part of a successful mobile app. Push notifications, a key feature of every mobile operating system, allow you to quickly reach your mobile users. In this session, we’ll discuss how to send targeted push messages from your Java backend including geolocation using Hibernate and BPM or rules based notifications to your mobile users.

The UnifiedPush Server is an open source solution providing an unified API for mobile operating systems, like iOS, Android or Windows Mobile. Join us to learn why implementing push notifications for several mobile platforms (each with its own proprietary API) can be easier than you might think, whether your Java backends are hosted in the cloud or inside your own datacenter.


Sébastien Blanc is Java EE engineer with 10 years of experience. He works at Red Hat and focus on Open Source libraries for Mobile in the Enterprise. He believes that Mobile Web/Hybrid Apps are the future and tries to evangelize this through different conferences (Devoxx, JUDCon, JavaOne, SpringOne).

Matthias Wessendorf is the project lead of AeroGear, working at Red Hat where he is focused on next generation of mobile computing. Previously, he was the PMC Chair of the Apache MyFaces project. Matthias is a regular conference speaker.